Hillside Tram Safety

TRAM SAFETY.  Find out what to look for when investing in an incline elevator.

RESEARCH the company and manufacturer. It's always a good idea to ask for referrals; speak to others in your area that have this particular tram. Important questions to ask: How has your experience been and would you recommend this company? What is the service like and will they be available to me after the install is complete? Warranty? How has the lift system held up in the elements? Did you have any unexpected or hidden costs associated with your purchase?

COMPLIANCE. Make sure the incline elevator system is compliant with all State and Local regulations. It is important that all required permits will be applied for and a final inspection will take place once the project is complete.

QUALITY. The quality of components and method of installation. The structure of the lift will be one of the most critical factors. When working on a hillside, shifting will likely occur overtime, so it is key to have a sound footing system in place. Look at the type of material that will be used for the "legs" of the track. Galvanized steel that is pounded into the earth to a depth of 7-10 feet or more will make for a lifelong structure on your new tram. Steer away from companies that hire general contractors to do your installation. Know that your installation will be done by a factory trained crew.

SERVICE. Last, but not least, sign up for a long term service plan. Because there are so many moving parts on an incline tram, it will need general maintenance. Just like your vehicle needs it's oil changed or tired rotated, your lift will need routine inspections and service as well. Choose a company that offers you a service plan so you can make the most of your purchase for many years to come. During a routine service, the braking systems and safeties should be checked, inspection of the cables, wire connections and general lubrication of all moving components will all contribute to the overall safety of your tram.

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