Is a Tram Right for Me?

“I’m not sure a tram will work on my hillside.”

We get this question all the time. Rest assured, we’ve seen it all and have got you covered!  Whether you have a large beach area by the lake or a cliff with no beach at all, we have a tram model that will fit.  Our standard model is great for those hills 50 feet or longer and are not tight on space at the bottom; this will allow you to build a usable landing platform to enter and exit the cart.  Let’s say you have a bank that ends right where the water starts with no shore at all.  No worries, the advantage model will do the job.  This model is a cantilever style carriage that we use to land directly at your dock level so there is no need to build a separate landing platform.  All residential tram models only require a 5 ft. path down your hill.  We try to keep your property as undisturbed as possible and find a way to keep those favorite shade trees!

“My hill is all sand at the top, but solid rock at the bottom, what can you do?”

Rock, sand or a combination of both, Hillside Lifts has a stable footing system for you.  In sandy conditions, our crews will drive 2-3/8″ galvanized pipe into the ground 7-10 feet or more until the necessary resistance is obtained.  By driving the supports down, we get well below the frost line so no shifting occurs as well as eliminates the use of concrete on your hill.  The track supports are bolted directly to the pipe footings.  In rocky conditions, we will drill directly into the rock and create a sound foundation using rock anchors.  The footings are spaced every 10 ft so there is an ample supply of support.  Regardless of your hill and soil characteristics, your safety will never be jeopardized.  


“Will this tram stick out like a sore thumb?”

Hillside Lifts will do everything we can to not compromise the aesthetics of your property.  Chances are, you have worked extremely hard at making your yard look top notch!  The last thing we want to do is have you run the risk of having an eye sore in your backyard.  Whether you want to make your tram the center of attention or as discrete as possible, you can choose the color of choice that best suits you.  Let’s admit it, if you are looking at the possibility of installing a tram, you most likely have one of the best views on the lake so if you are worried about the cart blocking your view at the top, no worries, we can shift the system downhill to be sure there are no obstructions while you watch those summer sunsets!

 No matter what your goals are, how high and steep your bank is or what your soil conditions are, Hillside Lifts will find a way to meet your accessibility needs while keeping safety and aesthetics in the forefront.  Please CONTACT US for more information or to request an onsite evaluation! 1-855-445-7433


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