When it comes to designing the ideal exterior lift for your hillside home, we understand that choices are important. We will help you find the perfect advanced lift system for your property, regardless of your terrain or soil conditions. Whether you need a tram installed on sandy, rocky, forested, or overgrown turf, our exterior lifts come with a range of Optional features to ensure a perfect fit with your property. Our list of Optional features includes:

  • Multiple stopping locations
  • Cantilever-style carriage to reach lower levels at the bottom of the hill
  • Self-leveling system to accommodate changing angles
  • Keyless entry security system
  • Canopy
  • 5 hp motor upgrade
  • A variety of carriage design and weight capacity options
  • Exit/entry from any side of the carriage
  • Landings and safety gates
  • Conduit to bring power to Lower Landing
  • Protective carriage cover

To learn more about our advanced lift systems, call us at 855-445-7433 or send us an email at info@hillsidelifts.com. You can also fill out our convenient online form. Schedule your free onsite visit today.