Residential Incline Lift Systems

Licensed Elevator Contractor

As a licensed elevator contractor, Hillside Lifts specializes in the residential incline elevator market and is the leader in the industry. With expertise in all areas and soil conditions, we can guarantee a solid home lift system installation that surpasses the competition. So whether you are looking to bring gear down to the lake, aren’t physically able to climb stairs, or just simply want to enjoy the ease of accessing your beach, the addition of an outdoor tram system is your answer! Our knowledge and years of experience provide testimony that Hillside Lifts will work for you to make lake living hassle-free.

Popular Residential Elevator System

Our most popular model is the 900 lb. residential capacity system. We use a drum drive unit for hill lengths 160 feet or less, and a traction drive model for hill lengths over 160 feet in length. Both power incline lift unit models are specifically designed to make your home lift system the most efficient in its application. Our trained and certified crews use galvanized pin pilings to install the installation, creating a minimal footprint on your hillside. These pin pile footings are driven down approximately 7-10 feet or more until the necessary resistance is obtained. There is no heavy equipment or concrete used. This residential model is 46″ in width, so we require a 5-foot path down your hillside to allow the tram to travel up and down safely. Our 34″ door opening is ADA compliant. You also have your choice of a right, left, or double-door exit powder-coated in your choice of color.

Our outdoor elevator systems meet or exceed all National Elevator Code requirements as well as State specific regulations. In addition, all incline lift models come with a 20-year warranty on all structural components, five years for non-structural components (gearbox, motor, brakes), and 2 years for cables, electrical parts, and components. See warranty statement for complete details.

residential lift tram

Incline Lift System Features

At Hillside Lifts, we allow you to customize your incline lift system to reflect your specific needs. Whether you require a traction drive system that spans a hill over 160 feet in length, a hillside tram with multiple stopping locations, or a protective cover for your carriage, you can choose what you need from our Standard and Optional features. Our team has professional engineers that test your incline lift system to ensure that your outdoor lift is safe and functional for your unique application. In addition, hillside Lifts has the right tram model regardless of your hill characteristics or soil conditions. Contact us to learn more information or to schedule a free onsite visit.

  • 61”L x 46”W x 42”H spacious carriage design
  • 2 convenient flip-up bench seats
  • 3 hp motor with soft starts and stops
  • Choice of color. Most popular being hillside bronze, fir green, black, tan and white (Custom colors also available)
  • ADA compliant 34” sliding door
  • Drum drive power unit for hills 160 feet or less
  • Traction drive power unit for hills over 160 feet
  • Multiple braking and safety systems
  • Top, bottom and wireless remote carriage control stations that include top, bottom and emergency stop buttons
  • Track sections are hot dipped galvanized 3” x 3” tubing, contoured to fit your hill. Supported every 10 feet.
  • Footings are 2” galvanized WT40 pipe that are driven to a depth of 7-12 feet or until required resistance
  • Wireless technology safety feature
  • Aluminum powder-coated cover to keep the power unit protected
  • Long-term service plans
  • Self-leveling system to accommodate changing angles when necessary
  • Undermount power frame on site specific hillsides
  • Installed by factory crews
  • Manufactured in-house to ensure quality control

Optional Exterior Lift System Features

When it comes to designing the ideal exterior lift for your hillside home, we understand that choices are important. Therefore, we will help you find the perfect advanced lift system for your property, regardless of terrain or soil conditions. Whether you need a tram installed on sandy, rocky, forested, or overgrown turf, our exterior lifts come with a range of Optional features to ensure a perfect fit with your property. Our list of Optional features includes the following:

  • Multiple stopping locations
  • Cantilever-style carriage to reach lower levels at the bottom of the hill
  • Self-leveling system to accommodate changing angles
  • Keyless entry security system
  • Canopy
  • Five hp motor upgrade
  • A variety of carriage designs and weight capacity options
  • Exit/entry from any side of the carriage
  • Landings and safety gates
  • Conduit to bring power to Lower Landing
  • Protective carriage cover

To learn more about our advanced lift systems, call us at 855-445-7433 or send us an email at You can also fill out our convenient online form. Schedule your free onsite visit today.